G45 Specifications


Number of test probes 4 (2 front/2 back) High Speed Z-Axis with soft touch (requires soft touch probes)
Test probe pressure 2 -10 g
Number of CCD-cameras 2 (1front/1back)- Fully automatic
camera alignment for easy and fast
compensation of board registration
Max test area (x/y) 24.4“x 20.1“ 620mm x 510mm
Min board size (x/y) 2” x 2” 50mm x 50mm
Max board thickness 235mil 6mm
Min board thickness (standard) 10mil 0.25mm
Repeatable accuracy +/- 0.6mil 15μm
Resolution (x/y) +/- 0.6mil 15μm
Smallest testable pad size 4mil 100μm
Smallest testable distance/pitch 4mil 100μm
Board Loading Option Stretch Frame


Test voltage 20V up to 500V (adjustable)
Test current 5mA up to 200mA (adjustable)
Continuity test 2 Ohm up to 2000 Ohm
Isolation test 1 M Ω up to 500 M Ω


Operating Software Windows 10 (English Version)
User Interface Gardien FPX with multiLanguage support (Chinese,Japanese, Spanish)
Data Input formats MNF1, MNF2, IPC 356A/B, EMMA
Test Floor Integration IT based communication and data exchange between Universal Grid, Flying Probe and Verification SW


Quick Frame  
HiPot measurement (500V) Multi Image Testing
Micro Short Detection Plug and Play AC8
Data preparation software (Certified Ucamco)  
Verification software (Certified Ucamco)  
Test Floor Integration (TFI) capability  

Dimensions & Environmental conditions

Width 70” 1780mm
Depth 29.9” 760mm
Height 73.7" 1874mm
(without light)
  87.5” 2223mm (with light)
Weight 1322lbs 600kg
Air humidity 45-65% not condensing
Room temperature 64° - 90°F 18-32°C
Power supply 230V, 50/60Hz, 1000W Single
Air supply 6 bar oil free  


Download the flyer here