G50 Specifications


Number of test probes 4 (2 front/2 back) High speed Z-Axis probes with soft touch (requires soft touch probes)
Test probe pressure 2 -10 g
Number of CCD-cameras 2 (1 front/1 back) Fully automatic camera alignment for easy and fast compensation of board registration
Max test area (x/y) 24.4“x 20.5“ 620mm x 520mm
Min board size (x/y) 2” x 2” 50mm x 50mm
Max board thickness 320mil 8mm
Min board thickness (standard) 5mil 0.12mm
Repeatable accuracy +/- 0.6mil 15μm
Resolution (x/y) +/- 0.6mil 15μm
Smallest testable pad size 4mil 100μm
Smallest testable distance/pitch 4mil 100μm
Board Loading Stretch/ Quick Frame


Test voltage 20 V up to 1000 V (adjustable)
Test current 5 mA up to 500 mA (adjustable)
Continuity test 1 Ω up to 5000 Ω (dependent on the current, smaller current = larger resistance)
Isolation test 1 M Ω up to 500 M Ω


Operating Software Windows 10 (English Version)
User Interface Gardien FPX with multi language support (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish)
Data input formats MNF1, MNF2, IPC 356A/B, EMMA
Test Floor Integration IT based communication and data exchange between Universal Grid, Flying Probe and Verification SW


Vacuum plate: Single Sided for Flex / Thin core / Inner layer (min Board thickness 3mil/80μm )
Embedded resistor test HiPot measurement (1000V)
Embedded capacitor test Micro Short Detection
Data preparation software (Certified Ucamco)  
Verification software (Certified Ucamco)  
Test Floor Integration (TFI) capability  

Dimensions & Environmental conditions

Width 86.6" 2200mm
Depth 38.5" 980mm
Height 76" 1914mm
(without light)
  84,8" 2155 (with light)
Weight 2866lbs 1300kg
Air humidity 45-65% - not condensing
Room temperature 64° - 90°F 18-32°C
Power supply 230V, 50/60Hz, 1000W Single phase

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