Gardien is the world’s largest provider of independent testing and quality assurance solutions to the PCB industry. Our global footprint is what makes us truly unique. We operate on an international basis, but with a local presence through our network of 23 service centers and we cater to a whole range of customers, from small family owned PCB shops to large international fabricators... and everything in-between.

What makes us unique

  • Global footprint with a local presence
  • 30 years of PCB industry experience
  • 50% of the world’s largest fabricators use Gardien services

Your benefits

Quality enhancement
We help you increase customer retention through yield improvements and escape reductions
Reduced risk & cost
Our independent quality assurance reduces your RMA claims and provides full visibility of the actual cost of QA/QC
Efficiency gains
Gardien’s decades of quality know how will help you optimize processes, reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput

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