• Premium double sided high speed AVI system
  • ​High speed camera system horizontal
  • ​3 color CCD top and 3 color CCD bottom
  • Fully automatic camera alignment
  • Automatic PCB transport horizontal
  • User friendly, high-speed software
  • Plug and Play data preparation
  • ​Quick and Easy setup
  • Dust cleaner
  • Rigid and Semi Rigid PCBs

AVI Rocket AT G 610


Number of CCD 6 (3 top and 3 bottom side horizontal)
Type of CCD Colour (RGB)
CCD Pixel Size 18 µm - 35 µm adjustable
Data Source: Self learn only, Gerber only  
Max scan area (x/y) 11.8” x 15.75” 300mm x 400mm
Min scan size (x/y) 1.18” x 3.93” 30mm x 100mm
Scan Speed 6,3" per second double side 160 mm per second, double side
Detection Mode Image Contrast comparison & logic computing
Detectable Defects SM on Pad, Exposed Copper, Dishdowns, Trace Nicks, Broken SM Bridges, Missing SM, Legend Defects, Foreign Material Inclusions, Gold Defects, Discoloration, Contamination, etc.
Surface Finish HASL, Immersion Silver & Gold, Bare Copper, OSP, etc.
Defect sorting Good / Bad Stacker
Defect Confirmation Online on Scanner or Offline on VRS


User Software Windows 7 english version
Data input formats Gerber

Options & Upgrades

  • Cleaning
Dust Cleaner
  • Offline Data preparation station
  • Verification software

Dimensions & Environmental conditions

Width 53.94" 1,370mm
Depth 70.8" 1,800mm
Height 66.93" 1.700mm
Weight 1,320lbs 600kg
Power Supply 230 V, 50/65Hz,1000W 3 phase
Air pressure 6 bar dry and oil free
Air humidity 45-65% - not condensing
Room temperature 61° - 79 °F

16-26 °C

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